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Natural Cycle structure.

Natural cycle structure Id like to preface this by saying for natty guys we have to be ALOT more willing to use little blocks to build a big castle. A geared out uy can shoot some test and tren and eat 100mg of anadrol a day and be done with it. If you tell one of these guys "take your vitamin D itll help with test levels" they will either laugh or ignore you. Because....well they already have 600% of the normal test levels lol....My point is we are going to use many little blocks to build our castle so we have to utilize as many viable options as possible within reason. 1.Testosterone. Testosterone- is a steroid hormone from the androgen group. Test is one of the greatest things God has given to men. When its within normal ranges it helps us feel good, confident, sexual, strong. Male. Raise it above normal ranges, however, and its potential benefits for those of us seeking to grow disgusting amounts of muscle mass increases in a dose dependant manner. (to a point of course) Testosterone increases muscle mass, decreases bodyfat, increases strength, libido, ..again everything that makes you a man. Testosterone, as a rule of thumb with anabolic steroid cycles should ALWAYS be the base of the stack. Pretty much no cycle should be run without it. Minimum a hormone replacement dose it always used. Or ...should be. With regards to the natty cycle structure we will also put test at the top of the list. Its already present and Your body loves it. Its highly anabolic and its levels are easy to shift in our favor if you know what your doing. A. raising Lutenizing hormone. Think of lutenizing hormone (LH) as the ON switch for testosterone production. When the LH signal is sent to the balls testosterone production increases. More LH= MOre test so this is one of our primary goals with regards to acheiving the goal of supraphysiological test levels. There are several ways to crank LH and Ill point out how shortly. B. Raising Free Test. So we know test is one of the primary movers in the natty cycle, however, not all test is created equal. Many of you already know or at least have heard of "free testosterone". Free testosterone is the portion that is currently available for binding to androgen receptors. Its a significantly lower amount than the total. in some peoples opinion the "free" portion is the only portion that matters. After all if its bound to SHBG and cant bind to androgen receptors its worthless anyways so...while raising total test levels is great is doesnt mean squat if Free t levels are low. The most important part of the testosterone component here is the free T portion. We need to get as much of it free as possible so it can bind to AR's. Look at it like this.....if your total T level is in the mid normal range, lets say 650ng/dl and free T is 50 or 100 your pretty much normal. Now....if your total T is 650 and your free T is double the reference range your body will respond similar to if your total T was double the reference range or 2200ng/dl! So our goal is to crank up Free T. An effective way to do this is to reduce SHBG which will in turn release more FREE T to bind to the AR's. Here is how we do it. Vitamin D- While Boron has been shown to increase vit D I still take 2000 IU and whatever is in my multi vit daily. Its good for overall health but has been shown to increase test levels. Many people are deficient so...get in that Vit D. Zinc- increase test levels and many people are deficient. I cant stress this enough.....One of the most important things in any bodybuilders tacklebox is a multi vitamin. Those Crappy 1 a day vits wont cut it. Do some reasearch and get a solid vitamin complex. C. Aromatase inhibitors.

LETRONE In men estrogen is made primarily via an enzymatic conversion. Testosterone > AROMATASE> estrogen. When estrogen is low the LH signal is sent to the balls so more test can be made from which more estrogen will be manufactured. This is in simple terms how SERMS elevate LH. In oversimplified terms they trick the brain into thinking estro is at pretty much 0 so the LH signal goes out so more test can be made. Aromatase inhibitors will actually lower the estrogen so in the same way the brain, sensing low estro will send LH to make more test. You also get the added bonus of having a harder, drier appearance while in contrast SERMS just let estrogen run wild. Using a modest dose of a suicidal AI like Formeron will help kick testosterone levels up even further. I have seen both Boron and FOrmeron raise Free Test levels above normal human range so...the combo of Boron from the Viron and the Formeron should be enough to kick it up more than high enough for you to be in the same range as a guy running a low dose of injected testosterone. Goal 1= success!! Now that we have our on board anabolic cranked up we need to explore other anabolic pathways as well as ways to prevent catabolism. The natty bodybuilder is walking a very thin line between anabolism and catablism. The goal is for at the end of the day to have had more anabolism than catabolism. Sure pretty much anyone can eat, sleep, train, supplement, and slowly chug forward year after year making minimal, slow progress....but progress. And...I promise as you get older the war gets harder and harder. Im sure every one of you guys can point out guys at your gym who have been there for years and they look..pretty mucht the same. This is pretty disheartening. If your like me and you have dedicated at least a portion of your life to bodybuilding then its important to you that your going somewhere and not just droning on year after year like all those guys spinning their wheels. In order for us to succeed we need to have a plan. Keep in mind when I say US I mean US as I am now a natty trainer. What our goal is here is to use our heads and take advantage of every possible little brick so that we can not only make progress but make progress that is comparable to guys who use low dose AAS cycles. Now...when I say this I mean at the end of the year you measure the total mass gained, the total progress attained, I think a natty guy can do as good as a low dose AAS guy. Perhaps 5-7lbs actual lean dry muscle tissue per year absolute top end for a trained athlete. Ok so lets look at other potential anabolic hormones. HGH human growth hormone is in the tacklebox of literally every competitive bodybuilder and about 90% of the non competitive. Ive read all the research and I have heard people say its not anabolic but I can tell you for 100% certain that it is. Growth hormone does in fact make you grow muscle faster and lose bodyfat faster. Anyone who has had a chance to use real HGH at decent doses knows this. Growth hormone is expensive though and peptides can be sketchy, plus...well..we are natty so lets look at how to utilize this awesome hormone. One of the best ways to increase growth hormone levels is high dose, high grade LDOPA. Look at the abstract below. Youll see that 250mg LDOPA increased HGH levels on average to 19.6...The human reference range for HGH is 0-3. So....19.6 is VERY HIGH!!! If it was 19.6 on average means some were even higher!!! Ive ran bloodwork on myself after injecting 10iu real HGH and my serum HGH was 28. I did the same with 300mcg GHRP-2 and my level was 9.... Just for reference. === "The stimulatory effect of L-Dopa and L-Carbidopa (Nacom) on HGH secretion was determined in 12 children of normal height aged from 6 to 14 years. Each child received a standard dose of 250 mg L-Dopa and 25 mg L-Carbidopa p.o. HGH concentration in the serum was determined at standard intervals. All subjects showed a sufficient increase of HGH. The mean value was 19.6 ng/ml. According to the maximum values of the HGH concentration the sample can be divided into two groups; the first group reached the highest values after 20--40 min, the second one after 60--90 min. On evaluation of the curve of the mean values it appears that 2 blood samples taken 40 and 90 min after the ingestion of L-Dopa and L-Carbidopa are sufficient in order to exclude HGH deficiency. The theoretical background for HGH secretion after stimulation by L-Dopa and L-Carbidopa is discussed." Prolactrone, our Prolactin inhibitor has 322mg 99% Ldopa per 2 capsules. When you take your multivitamin make sure to take it as far apart from the Prolactrone of anything with b6/p5p as b6/p5p causes Ldopa to be metabolized peripherally causing more sides then effects. I like to take my multi vitamins in the morning with breakfast. Then I take 1 Prolactrone with Dinner and 1 before bed as the Ldopa gives you insane vivid dreams and DEEP DEEP sleep. Great for recovery, huge increases in HGH levels and you get a bonus of having a raging libido as dopamine levels rise and prolactin drops I also like to take 200mcg huperzine per day or galatamine as a somatostatin inhibitor. Somatostatin rises to blunt HGH bursts. Inhibiting it really helps to keep HGH levels higher longer. This goes bask to methods used when I was cycling GHRPs and HGH and igf1 etc. THere are other somatoastatin inhibitors that may be employed but thats another thread Prolactrone=2 caps per day and huperzine A 200mcg. Make sure its micrograms ----- Anticatabolism- The natty bodybuilder is pretty much always fighting a battle against catabolism. In order to win this battle enough for it to make a difference we need to keep stress hormones low. The Eurycoma longifolia reduces cortisol and the boron decreases inflammation. I also think its a good idea to supplement with some decent antioxidants and take a few supplements that help us along. Coq10 Fish oil vit c and while I know some people think it has no purpose I go through a ton of glutamine. My water is always filled with BCAA and Glutamine. -Sleep a ton. Most people dont sleep enough. If your training hard and natural you may need 9+ hours of sleep. Cant get it your best. The better rested you are the more energy youll have for training and the more time your body will have for repairing itself. -NEVER be in caloric deficit unless your spefically cutting for a show or something. Otherwise you should ALWAY be at maintenance or above. I like to put BCAA's in my water and drink a slow trickle of proteins pretty much constantly.. ---------------------- Natural anabolics.- It wasnt that long ago I looked at this term sort of like the Loch ness monster. Seems like everyones seen it but whenver I go to check it out its just a log floating on the water or a hoax. Over the last year or so I have really dug in though and I have realized that there really are some gems out there. The recent release of Follidrone is my FIRST contribution to the world of natty anabolics and I think we can agree this one isnt a peice of floating cardboard. On top of having supraphysiological test and free Test levels and having HGH levels higher than a rhino the use of natty anabolics have really become a viable choice with real results. IN the last few months I have seen no less than 20 guys gain over 8lbs using Follidrone. Many have lost fat and gained some muscle. Some guys it seems like they get the added endurance and a few lbs and some strength. Some guys explode like you cant even me as you guys know nobody believed me when I started telling people. The variable in response is normal and happens with everything including AAS. Some guys can take 200mg test and grow like weeds...some guys take 1200mg and barely gain a lb. With Follidrone we have a real tool that is proven to increase protein synthesis, increase endurance, strength, burn bodyfat.... There is just no reason to not use it. Its also been proven as thousands of bottles have been sold and there are dozens of logs some still going in the second month with effects still going guys should see Movements progress!! On top of being probably the best natural anabolic given to the natty bodybuilder its also healthy for us. It reduces inflammation Decreases LDL and increases HDL its a strong antioxidant... 2 Caps of FOllidrone prior to training is the sweet spot. So here is our BLR natty cycle- Viron-2x daily Formeron 2-4 pumps daily for test increase and estro decrease plus lowered SHBG Prolactrone 2 caps daily for HGH increase Follidrone 2 caps pre workout- For increased protein synthesis, endurance, strength etc Vitamin D 2000-4000 iu daily Zinc- 15-30mg daily you dont need alot and too much is bad. Multi vit fish oils Coq10.


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