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Aromatase inhibitor. Lowers estrogen while raising testosterone and other anabolic hormones. Works great solo or stacked with other BLR products.


    Letrone is a natural aromatase inhibitor, fat burner and muscle builder. Not only does it help with estrogen levels but it can also elevate human growth hormone levels.

    This extract and this ingredient is unique to Black Lion Research.

    The primary ingredient (atractylodes macrocephala) has many benefits to athletes.

    Decreased estrogen

    Increased Testosterone

    Increased HGH

    Increased IGF-1

    Increased T3 and T4 =increased metabolism.

    Great for those on a ketone diet, using ketones or in ketogenisis.

    Combined these effects make Letrone one of the best choices for those looking to reduce estrogen and raise anabolic hormones.

    Works great alone or stacked with our other products. See our "natural cycle structure" post in our blog for more info regarding natural cycles and stacks.