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VECTOR is the strongest natural mass gainer available today.

-Extreme muscle mass gains

-Extreme fat loss potential

-Extreme performance enhancement

The number one bodybuilding supplement for mass gain.

The number one natural anabolic mass gainer.

ALL NATURAL- VECTOR contains 3 plant extracts each of which has dozens of components that give you the most powerful tool ever developed to help you get in the best shape of your life.

For more info about the ingredients and how they work head over to our blog where each of the 3 ingredients has a lengthy writeup-



  • Epic muscle growth!


    We all want to gain muscle and lose fat but this can be a long and difficult road. You need an edge. Something that can help you gain muscle faster and lose bodyfat faster. Something that can improve your performance in the gym and add to your strength. Vector is the top dog when it comes to muscle building supplements. Vector works great solo or even better as part of one of our stacks. Vector contains 3 unique extracts each of which has multiple active chamicals within them. Together these make up the strongest natural muscle building supplement available.

    Used by natural bodybuilding champions, Professional mma fighters and athletes of many disciplines, Vector is the tool of champions.

    Each bottle of Vector contains a full 30 days supply.

    Directions for use on the product.


    =MUSCLE GROWTH  -Rapid gains in muscle mass.
    =FAT LOSS -Helps to keep fat levels low while gaining muscle.
    =STRENGTH- Increased strength to power out extra reps and sets.

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